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Today's SattaMatka Results (19-01-2018)

SattaMatka Markets Results
Main Mumbai 159-57-340
Kalyan Matka 370-01-678
Milan Day Coming Soon
Rajdhani Day 399-16-556

About SattaMatka

Here on we provide you everyday's satta results for almost all satta markets namely Kalyan Matka, Rajdhani Day and Milan Day Result. Satta Matka game is basically played offline by placing stakes on various markets and at this website we announce you results online and always on time.

This game is basically like a lottery game. Both these words "Satta" and "Matka" are used together because in the earlier days people used to play this game with the help of an earthen pot(matka),the number slips were kept in the pot and the people who were interested were asked to pick slips from the matka .This game was originated in Mumbai and was mostly played in central Mumbai. Nowadays betting is Illegal in India but this game gained popularity between 1970 -1990.

No one can master this game because everything depends on your luck. One day you will be at the peak and the other day you will losing a decent amount of money. Initially the betting rates were according to the opening and closing rates of cotton which were given by the Bombay Cotton Exchange and New York Cotton Exchange. In 1961 New York Cotton Exchange Stopped These practices. This game is losing its users day by day because people have found an alternative of this game . For instance: lottery , online betting on cricket, online casinos and many more. When this game came into existence it was played all over the world but now it is limited to two countries ,which are India and Pakistan.

How To Play Satta Matka?

Playing SattaMatka is not as difficult as it sounds everything depends on your luck ,if it is your day no one can stop you from winning but if you are having a bad day god knows what will happen. There are two sets in this game ,in the first set set an individual who is willing to play is asked to pick numbers between 0 to 9 ,after picking the numbers .they are added and the second digit of the sum is taken . For instance: the numbers are 2 , 7and 3 ,then these numbers are added 2+7+3=12 . The second digit of the sum is taken i.e 2 .The new equation will be like this 2,7,3*2. After that the second set is played similarly according to the previous set .For example the numbers are 1,4,and 8 ,their sum is 1+4+8=13 , so 3 will be taken and multiplied . The final equation will like this 2,7,3*2 X 1,4,8*3. The people who are willing to stake their money can bet on the certain numbers which will be picked or the center two numbers ( i.e called Jodi in Hindi).

Way to get payout in Satta Matka game.

The bookie keeps 5% of every amount that is staked, payout are basically in the form 9/1 and 999/1 that means if you bet for Rs.10 and you win that bet in your first set of numbers you will get Rs.90(10*9=90) and if you win in your second set also you get Rs.900(90*10=900) because your stake was for Rs.90. There are different set of terms used in this game that one should know they are Jodi(i.e result in pair),patti(i.e result in 3 digit) ,open results and close results, farak(the difference) and many more.

History of Satta Matka

When this game was originated people used to stake according to the opening and closing rates of cotton which were given by the Bombay Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. There are Three main pioneers or Matka Kings who kept on Modifying this game and making it more interesting for the people. They are Rattan Khatri , Kalyanji Bhagat and Suresh Bhagat. Rattan Khatri is most important in all of them because he formulated the game. Kalyanji Bhagat introduced Worli matka , Rattan Khatri followed him and introduced New Worli with all new different set of rules.

Basically this game was played near the textile mills in Mumbai because most number of the mill workers were deeply engaged in this game. Firstly this game was played using a matka. For example, the Bookie will write the numbers on a piece of a paper and will put it in the pot(matka). One person would take the chit out and will declare the winning results. After some time the way of playing the game was shifted from matka to playing cards ,then the numbers were drawn using the cards. In 1980's this game got a sudden boom and was on its peak. Every month crores of money were on stake. Rattan Khatri who was having international connections and was gaining most out of this game was arrested in 1995 ,after that the number of persons who were engaged in this game kept on decreasing.

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