Satta Matka Results

Recent SattaMatka Results

SattaMatka Markets Results
Main Mumbai 667-95-780
Kalyan Matka 128-11-290
Milan Day 300-31-128
Rajdhani Day 590-41-236
Time Bazar 490-37-467
Gali 31--
Desawar 56--93
Faridabad 20--66
Gaziabad 99--Next
TAJ 22--49
Peshavar 06--50

When Satta Matka Results are Announced?

Satta Matka results are revealed at different time on almost every particular day depending on the markets . Satta Bazaar opens at sharp 9(Nine) in the morning and goes on with opening different market results simultaneously till night. There is certain time fixed for the different results to be announced. For Ghadiya matka there is different time and for Hurf the timings are different. Satta Matka results are revealed online , one who has placed bets can check the results at certain websites. In the early days results were announced at the same place where people used to place bets but nowadays the procedure has changed and it has become more advance and now the results are announced online.

How Satta Matka Results are Calculated?

There is nothing to learn to play this game, but there is one thing that you should have with you, that is luck. One have to decide on which one he wants to bet i.e Ghadiya or Hurf ,either he can bet on both at the same time. One has to choose 3 numbers between 1 to 9 (in Hurf) or from 10 to 100(in Ghadiya). Then the numbers are added and the second digit of the sum is taken , then it is multiplied with the numbers picked. There are two sets in this to complete the process. In Ghadiya the winner will get the staked amount after multiplying it with 90, which means if he bets for Rs.20 then he will get 1800 bucks (i.e 20*90=1800) but in Hurf the staked amount is multiplied with 10 only ,that is if he bets for Rs.10 he will get Rs.100(10*10=100). In Ghadiya the commission of the agent is 10% and in Hurf it is only 5%. People try to be over smart and they usually bet in both the matka games and end up losing everything.

How to check sattamatka results online?

These days Satta results are very easy to locate thanks to the websites out there As they are updating results of various matka markets regularly. But at we had tried to figure out the fastest and easiest way to check sattamatka results online. All you have to do is follow the steps carefully to access the results.

1. Open your mobile browser and type "" in the address bar and wait for the page to load up.

view matka results

2. Once the website opens up you can view results of four popular markets on the top section as shown in the image.

all sattamatka result

3. If you are willing to view more sattamatka results then click on the second link and it will redirect you to the main page of all matka results.