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Desawar Result 56--93 05:15 AM

About Desawar Satta Result

Desawar Satta one of the matka games where one can back any number with huge amount of money as being an old and big market. It is a part of matka games and is very popular in India. One can bet for as much as he wants in this. It is related to ghadiya of satta matka.One can check the desawar results online. Desawar results are announced early in the morning at 6 a.m.No one able to give the answer why this name is given neither the satta kings nor the bookies or even punters. The staked amount is multiplied with 90 while distributing the winning amount. Satta kings are ones who are mostly earning from desawar satta because at the end when it comes to revealing the desawar result ,that number is announced which has lowest bets placed . Somewhere near 10 to 15 lakh of satta(bets) is placed daily on numbers.

How to play Desawar SattaKing?

The terms and condition of this game are similar to matka. Anyone who is willing to play satta has to pick a number between 10 -100 and has place the bet on his numberThe agent will cut the number slip and write down the amount of bet placed on his slip.Another thing an individual will need is luck to win this game. The betting amount starts from Rs 10 and is unlimited but the agents won’t allow the individual to place a bet of more than 5000 because if he wins the bookie has to pay a huge amount and he will be under loss . For example: If an individual place a bet of Rs.10 on a number then the amount he will be getting will be 900 because product of 10 and 90 is 900. If the individual gets Jodi(pair) in his numbers then the amount will get doubled.

When Desawar results are announced?

Desawar results are announced at the last the next day in the morning at 6 am. Anyone who has played Desawar Satta can check the results online. These are different games which are formed under the Satta Matka to make the game more interesting and to encourage more and more number of people to play Satta Matka. If you are lucky then you will take a huge amount of money home. There are many websites which keeps the track of the results and keeps the people updated about the Satta Bazaar. Mostly that number is revealed which is having the lowest number of bets but sometimes the punters are lucky.