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Faridabad Result 68--69 05:30 PM

About Faridabad Satta

Faridabad Satta is the matka game which is played in Faridabad since long period of time. It comes under the hurf category of satta matka. To make it easier for the bookies and to keep a clear record of people who are placing bets on numbers drawn, this name is given. People usually go for Gali satta and Desawar satta because both these games are comparatively bigger. Faridabad Satta results are announced usually in the afternoon. Faridabad Satta is not usually preferred by the punters because the chances of winning in this game are less. Most people loses tons of money in this game.

How to Play Faridabad Satta?

Placing bets on numbers in faridabad Satta market is quite easy process. One who wants to place bets in this game is asked to pick 3 numbers from 1 to 9 and the numbers are added to get the total. The winning one’s staked money is multiplied with 10 and then the lump sum amount is given to the winner. For example,if a person places a bet for Rs.20 then the amount he is going to get is Rs.200 (i.e 20*10=200).The share of the agent is 5% in this game. As like every game of sattaking no can tell that today he is going to win everything depends upon his luck.

When Faridabad Satta Results are announced?

Faridabad Satta Results are basically announced in the afternoon by 2 p.m. The results are displayed online at different websites by different satta kings. Even though Satta kings are getting arrested one day or the other then to there is no effect on the satta bazaar.In most of the streets you find the who are cutting the number slips, eventhough matka game is banned in India. Matka games are gainig popularity not only in India but also even in foreign countries like Dubai,Saudi Arab and many more. In early days Mumbai was known as the Hub of satta matka , everything started spreading from there.