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Gali Result 34--50 11:30 PM

About Gali Satta

Gali Satta is one of the satta matka games which are played all over the country. The entire country gets the result at the same time. Gali Satta is a part of Ghadiya of satta king. Gali results are announced in night at 9:30 p.m. Gali Satta Matka is a name given to one of the matka games, till now no one knows why this name was given and what was the story behind it. Nowadays Gali results are announced online and people can check the results at different websites. Matka games are booming nowadays even though betting is Illegal in India and is played openly in many areas in the country. The people who are mostly performing these practices are daily wage workers because they can even stake for Rs.10 after winning one day they become greedier and keeps on playing until everything is over.

How Gali Satta is Played?

An Individual is given different set of numbers and he has pick 3 numbers from it. Basically the numbers are from 10 to 100. He can bet on his numbers and if he wins the total amount he will get will get will be multiplied with 90 first. One thinks that if he is going to lose he will lose only 10 bucks and if he wins he is going to take home Rs.900 because of this scenario most of the people get stucked in this black hole. These games are like lottery and The ratio of winning is 100:1 .That means that in a total of 100 people only one person is going to win. There is no hard and fast rule to win this game. If the person’s assumption of the first digit is correct then he will win 900 bucks in case he betted for 10 bucks. The winning amount is like a bone that the bookies are throwing to catch the big fish.

When and Where Gali Satta Results are declared?

As we all know there is some specific time decided for different satta matka or we can say sattaking bazaars so for opening Gali satta results the time decided is 11:10 PM. One can check the results online at as There are many websites made by the Satta Kings which displays the result which may or may not be correct. The Satta Bazzar(betting market) opens at 9 a.m in the morning and goes on till midnight. From morning only the matka betting starts and there are agents at different places who cuts the number slips as per the wish of an individual and writes down the amount at the bottom of the slip he has betted for and in case if he wins he can contact that agent to collect his money.