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Gaziabad Result 74--96 08:00 PM

About Gaziabad Satta

Gaziabad satta is a kind of makta game which means betting on numbers. This comes under the Hurf Category of matka games . Gaziabad satta is not played on a bigger platform; it has less no. of people betting. There are many games which comes under the satta matka . Matka games are in the market For a long time. This game kept on modifying. In India Rattan Khatri is Known as the real satta king because he was earning tons of money from this business and he was also handling the international matka business .He was caught by the Bombay police in the 90’s ,then also this game doesn’t stop . Gaziabad results are mostly announced in the night.

How Gaziabad Satta is played?

As the game comes under the Hurf category of the matka games , an individual is given the rights to choose from from the numbers between 1 to 9 . To perform these practices and to reach people easily sattaking have placed agents which can be found at certain places. They will cut the number slips and will write down the staked amount at the end of the slip. Then one has to wait till the results are revealed. Now everything depends on the luck of that person. Some people say that they have superstitious power and they can tell results before only but this is totally a scam never believe these kinds of people. In Gaziabad results winner will get the 10x of his staked amount, that means that if he betting for 50 bucks then he will get Rs.500(i.e 50*10=500). The commission of the sattaking is 5% in the winning amount.

When did Gaziabad Satta results are Announced?

Gaziabad Satta results are usually revealed in the night ,somewhere around 8 PM. One who has placed bet on Gaziabad satta can check the results online .There are certain websites which allows an individual to check the results. Satta kings always get their share whether the one who has placed bet either win or lose. There are many tricks to get the Jodi(pair) in the numbers but there is no sure shot to get the number what you have picked. Gaziabad results are updated every day.