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About Kalyan Matka

Kalyan matka is a game of betting that was named on the name of originator of this satta market Kalyan Bhagat. A person places his bid on a number and if his guess is right, then he earns a lot of money. The amount of money depends on the bid and the amount of money he has placed on it. Kalyanji bhagat started the satta games in 1962. While Ratan Khatri was introduced in the satta games in 1964. Both of them are still known as the legends of matka games.

History of Kalyan Matka

The game was developed in the year 1962 by Kalyan bhagat who was not the local citizen of Mumbai. He travelled to Mumbai and His father is said to be a farmer. He came to Mumbai in 40s and before trying his hand on matka game he worked as a spice seller etc. Kalyan matka runs every day in the week. Unlike the matka game that was created by ratan khatri. The matka games created by Ratan runs 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

How to Check Kalyan Matka Result

Kalyan Matka Result are quite easy to check as being one of the biggest and oldest of sattamatka market. Almost all websites including SattaMatka.io tends to provide the accurate and fast result for the same. Kalyan matka result are shown clearly at top of KalyanMatka page, So that it becomes easier for the users to check KalyanMatka Result.